QuickSander - Square
QuickSander - Square
QuickSander - Square
QuickSander - Square
QuickSander - Square

QuickSander - Square

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  • It's hard to get excited about a sanding block but this one deserves a second look. Imagine you and your coworker are building something marvelous and then it's time for some hand sanding. Your coworker pulls out his standard piece of wood, wraps some sandpaper around it, just right, so he can hold the sandpaper and block of wood at the same time; now he's ready to sand... and you pull out your QuickSander sanding block. Give him a minute to get over the sensation of envy he's feeling, then tell him where he can get his own.   
  • The square end QuickSander sanding block provides the ability to precisely sand right up to the edge of your project, preventing cross grain scratches and still has the ability to sand long runs or large surfaces with the best of them.
  • Our expertly built wood QuickSander sanding blocks are designed to fit standard 3 x 21 sanding belts as well as our exclusive ComboBelts.
  • The sanding blocks are made from 8/4 Poplar and finish out at 1 9/16" thick x 2 15/16" wide.
  • A very robust and simple system is used to adjust the tension of the sanding belt; machine screws are used to apply pressure on a movable piece of Poplar half round which in turn tightens or loosens the sanding belt.
  • Deep finger grooves run down the length of each side to provide an excellent handle.
  • Our custom machinery assures a flat sanding block time after time and every QuickSander sanding block is inspected by real humans at every operation, right here in America.
  • Premium lacquer is then applied for a very durable and beautiful finish coat.
  • These are not simply sanding blocks, they are precision tools that any craftsman, cabinet maker, woodworker, boat builder, painter or auto body repairman would be proud to own and use.
  • With the use of the proper sanding belt any number of materials could be easily worked and sanded; such as cabinets, furniture, trim, doors, boats, wood, lumber, plywood, veneer, putty, bondo, auto body filler, fiberglass, plastic and paint.
  • Being wood, each QuickSander sanding block will have it's own character and look.
  • Keep your QuickSanders and ComboBelts dry. Neither will withstand getting wet in any way, otherwise damage will surely occur. 
  • Hooray, a FREE 80/120 ComboBelt is included with each QuickSander sanding block.