About Us

          Doohickey Tools, Inc. was officially founded in late 2017 but everything really began three years earlier when Doug had an idea for what he believed to be a better sanding block. This new sanding block needed to be tough, rugged and durable, provide a secure grip and fit standard 3 x 21 sanding belts. The first sanding block took almost 5 hours to build, along with a few jigs and a lacquer finish. It was nice but just not good enough. The problem with it was that it was far too labor intensive to be a feasible product. Reducing the labor was accomplished by building or buying 9 specialized machines and clamp fixtures along with numerous jigs. Interestingly, as each machine or clamp fixture was added the production speed increased and the quality went up. During that time 2 additional Super Sanding Blocks were developed. Then one day, Doug was sanding away and that bright light went off again "What if there were two different grits on the same sanding belt?", thus the Dual Grit Sanding Belt was born. Doohickey Tools, Inc. now has six products that we manufacture; 3 Super Sanding Blocks and 3 Dual Grit Sanding Belts, with more great products on the way. We also drop ship from other trusted suppliers allowing us to be more of a full service company.