{Super Sanding Block] - Doohickey Tools, Inc.
{Super Sanding Block] - Doohickey Tools, Inc.
{Super Sanding Block] - Doohickey Tools, Inc.
{Super Sanding Block] - Doohickey Tools, Inc.
{Super Sanding Block] - Doohickey Tools, Inc.

Super Sanding Block - Bull Nose

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  • You know a good tool when you see one and you are not mistaken. All Super Sanding Blocks are built well and will perform as expected. I am certain you will appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into each and every sanding block.  
  • This bull nose version is a classic looking design, anytime you need to sand a long run or a wide surface this sanding block will serve you well as its rounded ends will help prevent accidentally gouging the surface.
  • Our expertly built wood Super Sanding Blocks are designed to fit standard 3 x 21 sanding belts as well as our exclusive Dual Grit Sanding Belts. 
  • The sanding blocks are made from 8/4 Poplar and finish out at 1 9/16" thick x 2 15/16" wide.
  • A very robust and simple system is used to adjust the tension of the sanding belt; machine screws are used to apply pressure on a movable piece of Poplar half round which in turn tightens or loosens the sanding belt.
  • Deep finger grooves run down the length of each side to provide an excellent handle.
  • Our custom machinery assures a flat sanding block time after time and every sanding block is inspected by real humans at every operation, right here in America.
  • Premium lacquer is then applied for a very durable and beautiful finish coat.
  • These are not simply sanding blocks, they are precision tools that any craftsman, cabinet maker, woodworker, boat builder, painter or auto body repairman would be proud to own and use.
  • With the use of the proper sanding belt any number of materials could be easily worked and sanded; such as cabinets, furniture, trim, doors, boats, wood, lumber, plywood, veneer, putty, bondo, auto body filler, fiberglass, plastic and paint.
  • Being wood, each sanding block will have it's own character and look. 
  • Hooray, a free 80/120 Dual Grit Sanding Belt is included with each Super Sanding Block.